• Charles Marshall

    "It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." - Bill Gates


    Welcome To My Website!

    Hi my name is Charles Marshall I am a student at the Frederick Douglass Academy 1 in Harlem,New York . I am 16 years old rising senior and my favorite subject is Computer Science . I lived in the Bronx my entire life some interesting things about me is that I want to become a software engineer and work for a tech company then later start my own business that involves a new tech gadget or idea that I am still thinking about.






    Take a look and enjoy!


    The Smart Belt was my Final Project sophomore year in highschool it was a group project with my partner Amisha Rana who is going to be a freshman at Cornell University

    Showing off the Smart Belt

  • Maker Faire

    This was at the Makerfaire where we got to show our belt to a large audience and did a Q&A after presentation   

    Hardware for Smart Belt

    The items we used to build this device is a 1SHEELD ,Arduino , Android Phone and a LED Strip

  • My First Job in TECH

    At Dstillery I was a data analyst where a team of us filtered an cleaned data to locate and code problems


    This is my school robotics team where I really started my passion for technology that's why i put it up here to show all of you


    This is our robot for 2016 FIRST® Robotics Competition Game.

    SuperSaturdayStemExpo At The Harlem Armory

    Volunteer at the Google booth where we teached kids various things like to make your name light up with LEDs also we taught them Basic JavaScript and we made them use Play-Doh to make it connect with using Arduino.


    This is Week 2 of AllStarCode this is the GoldmanSachsGroup(GSG) we all went to Yahoo! as our site visit this was a tremendous experience for me and our group where we got to meet Engineers,ITs as well as Marketers who work with Yahoo! we asked them series of questions which they answered.This program has changed my life in just 2 weeks of me being in it I hope that one day i will be a software engineer and give back to this amazing program I just would like to thank Christina Lewis Halpern and the AllStarCodeFamily for giving me this great opportunity.